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La Réunification des Deux Corées
author: Joël Pommerat
year: 2017
status: realised
program: theatre set
client: La compagnie des Mangoustes
surface: 30 m2
design team: Sizhou Yang, Alicia Hoyos-Limón Encinas
La Réunification des deux Corées is a play by Joël Pommerat directed by Sébastion Frey. The play is a collection of twenty scenes that deal with the theme of impossible love. The challenge was to design a scenography able to adapt to the requirements and constraints of each scene.
The scenography consists of two sets of stacked blocks that can be rotated around two axes. This device allows a quick change between each scene without having to mount or disassemble anything. These blocks then become sometimes living room, sometimes boudoir, sometimes urban scenery.
The modulation of the modules between each scene becomes an orchestrated choreography, elegant and mysterious at the same time, but always simple.