architecte epfl sia


Flâner sur les toits
Swiss Pavilion, Biennale 2018
Venice, Italy
with homu
year: 2017
status: open competition entry
program: curatorial/exhibition
client: Pro Helvetia
surface: 200 m2
design team: Sizhou Yang, Filippo Nanni, Lucia Zamponi
Rising on the peaks of Europe, Switzerland, its mountains, its lakes and
its cities have inspired generations of writers and artists. The landscape of its
cities stands at the foot of the mountains and at the water's edge. City roofs
create picturesque and harmonious silhouettes, a kind of quiet and unchangeable
elegance. Who has not dreamed of walking one day on these roofs? biennale-1.jpg biennale-2-a.jpg 250.jpg 250.jpg 250.jpg